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Our A-Z contains a list of all fish/sea creatures that are stored on the site. All listings are by common names and not scientific names.

Vachelli's Glass Perchlet - Asiatic Glassfishes

Also known as Common Glassfish, Glassfish, Glassies, Perchlet, Telkara Glass Perchlet, Telkara Perchlet, Vachell's Glassfish, Vachelli's Glassfish. Found in schools, over most substrates, in both still, and fast.. more

Vagabond Butterflyfish - Surgeonfishes---Butterflyfishes

Also known as Coralfish, Crisscross Butterflyfish, Vagabond Butterfly, Vagabond Coralfish, Vagabond's Butterflyfish. Found in pairs, in both fresh and murky waters, over reef flats, lagoons, and seaward reefs,.. more

Vagabond Sponge - Sponges

Also known as Boring Sponge, Calcifying Sponge, Chocolate Sponge, Chocolate Volcano Sponge, Marine Sponge, Siliceous Sponge, Vagabond Boring Sponge. Found burrowing into the limestone, on coral and rocky.. more

Vagrant Moray - Eels---Moray Eels

Also known as Buro Moray, Buro Moray Eel, Latticetail Moray. Found singly, pairs, or with other morays, (as in the picture) hiding in crevices and holes, amongst debris,.. more

Valentin's Sharpnose Puffer - Puffers-Filefishes---Puffers

Also known as Banded Toby, Black Saddle Pufferfish, Blacksaddle Toby, Black-saddled Toby, Model Toby, Pufferfish, Saddle Valentini Puffer, Saddleback Pufferfish, Saddled Pufferfish, Saddled Toby, Saddled Toby Pufferfish,.. more

Valutin Snail - Sea Snails

Also known as Black Mantle Snail, Black Valutinid, Five-fingered Sea Snail, Velvet Snail. Found singly or in pairs, amongst rubble and sandy areas, over intertidal, and subtidal zones,.. more

Vampire Squid - Octopuses---Deep Sea Squid

Also know as the Deepsea Squid, Vampire Squid from Hell. Found singly living at extreme depths on the sea floor. They feed on detritus, marine snow or zooplankton.. more

Vanikoro Sweeper - Oceanic Basses---Sweepers

Also known as Black-tipped Bullseye, Bullseye, Greenback Bullseye, Hatchet Fish, Red Sea Immigrant Sweeper. Found in schools, during the day sheltering in caves, under.. more

Variable Chelidonura - Sea Slugs---Head Shield Slugs

Also known as Blue Doris, Blue Velvet Headshield Slug, Blue Velvet Sea Slug, Blue Velvet Slug, Blue-lined Sandflat Slug, Blue-lined Slug, Hammerhead Sea Slug, Hammerhead Slug, Tailed.. more

Variable Fangblenny - Blennies---Combtooth Blennies

Also known as Fang Blenny, Sabretooth Blenny, Sabre-toothed Blenny, Sabre-toothed Petroscirtes, Variable Blenny, Variable Sabertooth, Variable Sabretooth Blenny, Viper Blenny. Found singly, over seagrass beds, and under weed.. more

Variable Jawfish - Jawfishes

Also known as Variegated Jawfish. Found singly, with just the head showing, in rock lined burrows, on rubble and sandy areas of reefs. They feed mainly on benthic.. more

Variable Starfish - Sea Stars

Also known as Asteroids, Button Star, Star, Starfish. Found singly or in constellations, on rubble and sandy bottoms, of shallow rocky reefs. They feed on algae, detritus, molluscs, and.. more

Variable Stomatella - Sea Snails

Also known as Dove Snail, Finger Nail Snail, Mini-Abolone, Paper Shell Snail, Shell-less Snail, Slug Snail, Stomatella Snail, Top Snail. Found amongst rocks and sandy areas, in rock-pools.. more

Variable Thorny Oyster - Bivalves

Also known as Chrysanthemum Shell, Giant Variable Thorny Oyster, Mollusc, Orange-mouth Thorny Oyster, Oyster, Spiny Oyster, Varian Thorny Oyster. Found attached to dead corals, over intertidal areas. Variable.. more

Variable Volute - Sea Snails

Also known as Bat Volute, Bat Volute Sea Shell, Bat Volute Shell, Brown Volutidae, Cone Shell, Philippine Bat Volute, Volute, Volute Shell. Found in silty waters, over mud.. more

Variable-lined Fusilier - Fusiliers

Also known as Many-lined Fusilier, Thin-lined Fusilier, Yellow-and-Blue-striped Fusilier, Yellow-striped Fusilier. Found in schools, with other caesionid's, over deep lagoons and seaward reefs. Varies in colour from blue.. more

Varicose Phyllidia - Sea Slugs

Also known as Dorid Nudibranch, Fried Egg Nudibranch, Fried Egg Sea Slug, Nudibranch, Scrambled Egg Nudibranch, Scrambled Egg Sea Slug, Swollen Phyllidia, Varicose Nudibranch, Varicose Sea Slug,.. more

Variegated Urchin - Sea Urchins

Also known as Carolinus Variegated Urchin, Common Sea Urchin, Decorator Urchin, Globular Sea Urchin, Green Sea Urchin, Pincushion Urchin, Sea Hedgehog, Variegatus Urchin. Found singly, or in large.. more

Varium Sea Urchin - Sea Urchins

Also known as Electric Sea Urchin, Fire Urchin, Sea Hedgehog, Toxic Fire Sea Urchin, Toxic Sea Urchin. Found singly or in groups, over rubble and sand bottoms, of.. more

Vatani Rohtee - Carps---Minnows-Carps

Also known as India Rohtee. Found in schools, in reservoirs and fast flowing rivers and streams. They feed on plant material. Length - 50cm Depth - ?m Asia - India Very common.. more

Velvet Whalefish - Sawbellies---Velvet Whalefishes

Also known as Deepsea Whalefish, Red Whalefish, Red Mouth Whalefish, Redvelvet Whalefish. Found in very deep waters of the ocean hovering above the bottoms, juveniles mid water. They feed.. more

Velvety Sea Star - Sea Stars

Also known as Starfish, Velvety Star, Velvety Starfish. Found singly or in constellations, in shallow waters, over lagoons, coral and rocky reefs. They feed on invertebrates. Length - 50cm Depth -.. more

Ventral-barred Shrimpgoby - Gobies

Also know as Gudgeon, Prawngoby, Shrimp Goby, Watchman Goby. Found in pairs sharing their burrow with an alpheid shrimp, over sandy, silty bottoms of coral and rocky reefs... more

Venus Shrimp - Shrimps

Also known as Anemone Shrimp, Beautiful Cleaner Shrimp, Beautiful Shrimp, Beautiful Transparent Shrimp, Carid Shrimp, Cleaner Shrimp, Commensal Shrimp, Crinoid Shrimp, Graceful Anemone Shrimp, Urchin Shrimp, Venus.. more

Venustus Hap - Cichlids

Also known as African Cichlid, Giraffe Cichlid, Giraffe Hap, Kalingo, Malawi Cichlid, Venustus Cichlid. Found over sandy substrates, sometimes partially buried in sand waiting for their prey,.. more

Vermiculate Rabbitfish - Rabbitfishes

Also known as Maze Rabbitfish, Maze Spinefoot, Reticulated Rabbitfish, Reticulated Spinefoot, Spinefoot, Vermiculated Rabbitfish, Vermiculated Spinefoot. Found in small to very large schools, over mangroves, rocks and seagrass.. more

Vermiculated Angelfish - Surgeonfishes---Angelfishes

Also known as Singapore Angelfish, Vermiculate Angelfish. Found singly, pairs, or in small schools, over inshore reefs, and continental shelf reefs, rich in coral growth. They feed on.. more

Vermiculated Blenny - Blennies---Combtooth Blennies

Also known as Coral Blenny, Reef Blenny, Rock Blenny, Rockskipper, Vermiculated Rockskipper. Found in very shallow waters, skipping back and forth between intertidal areas, and rock pools. They.. more

Vermiculated Sailfin Catfish - Catfishes---Armored Catfishes

Also known as Janitor Fish, Plecostomus, Sailfin Armoured Catfish, Sailfin Plecs, Suckerfish, Sucker-mouthed Catfish, Sucking Catfish. Found over lakes, flood plains, and swamps of the Madeira River basin,.. more

Vermilion Rockfish - Scorpionfishes---Rockfishes-Rockcods-Thornyheads

Also known as Cow Cod, Ocean Perch, Rasher, Red Rockcod, Red Snapper, Rock Perch, Sea Perch, Vermillion Red Rockcod, Vermillion Rockcod, Vermilion Seaperch. Found in schools, over.. more

Verruca Cowrie - Sea Snails

Also known as Allied Cowy, Common Calpurnus, Egg Cowry, False Cowry, Little Egg Cowry, Soft Coral Snail, Umbilical Cowry, Umbilical Egg Shell, Umbilical Ovula, Warted Egg Cowry,.. more

Verrucose Pocillopora Coral - Stony Corals

Also known as Branching Coral, Cauliflower Coral, Coral Lime, Cotton Candy Coral, Cotton Candy Pocillopora Coral, Knob-horned Coral, Rasp Coral, Raspberry Coral. Found over rocky substrates of exposed.. more

Vespicula Waspfish - Scorpionfishes---Waspfishes

Also known as Goblinfish, Mangrove Waspfish, Rockfish, Stingfish. Found singly, over soft open sand and broken shell bottoms, of lagoons, mangroves and seaward reefs. They feed on crustaceans and.. more

Violet Demoiselle - Damselfishes

Also known as Coral Demoiselle, Violet Damsel, Violet Damselfish, Yellow-tailed Demoiselle. Found in small to large schools, sometimes in mixed schools, over shallow coral, debris, deep mud, and.. more

Violet Pteraeolidia - Sea Slugs

Also known as Aeolid Nudibranch, Aeolus, Blue Dragon, Blue Dragon Nudibranch, Blue Dragon Sea Slug, Blue Serpent Pteraeolidia, Dragon Nudibranch, Nudibranch, Solar-powered Sea Slug, Violet Sea Slug. Found.. more

Violet Sea Apple - Sea Cucumbers

Also known as Australian Sea Apple, Curryfish, Lollyfish, Philippine Sea Apple, Philippine Sea Apple Cucumber, Pricklyfish, Red Sea Apple, Sea Apple Sea Cucumber, Sea Apple, Sea Potato,.. more

Violet Sea Urchin - Sea Urchins

Also known as Purple Sea Urchin, Purple Spiny Sea Urchin, Sea Hedgehog. Found singly or in groups, often covered in debris, rubbish, seaweed and shell, amongst rubble, sand.. more

Violet Squirrelfish - Squirrelfishes-Soldierfishes

Also known as Pink Squirrelfish, Redface Squirrelfish, Red-faced Squirrelfish, Violet Soldierfish, White-edged Squirrelfish. Found singly during the day, hiding in crevices, and patch reefs, dispersing at night foraging.. more

Violet-lined Parrotfish - Parrotfishes

Also known as Globehead Parrotfish, Roundhead Parrotfish, Rusty Parrotfish, Speckled Parrotfish, Violetline Parrotfish. Found singly, pairs, or in schools, foraging for food, over protected waters of reef flats,.. more

Virgate Rabbitfish - Rabbitfishes

Also known as Barhead Rabbitfish, Barhead Spinefoot, Doublebar Rabbitfish, Double-barred Rabbitfish, Double-barred Spinefoot, Spinefoot, Two-barred Rabbitfish, Two-barred Spinefoot, Virgate Spinefoot. Found in pairs, over shallow, hard and soft.. more

Virgin Salp - Tunicates

Also known as Pelagic Tunicate, Salp, Salp Tunicate, Sea Jelly, Thaliacea, Twin-sailed Salp, Virgin Tunicate, Zooids. Found singly or in chains, over oceanic waters. They feed on phytoplankton. Length -.. more

Voigtmann's Reef Lobster - Lobsters---Reef Lobsters

Also known as Dwarf Reef Lobster, Tropical Reef Lobster. Found singly, during the day, hiding in caves and crevices, over shallow, rocky reef slopes. They feed nocturnally on crustaceans,.. more

Volcano Sponge - Sponges

Also known as Marine Sponge, Siliceous Sponge. Found in areas with good current flow, over coral and rocky reefs. Thick and lobe encrusted, varies in colour, from shades.. more

Vomer Conch - Sea Snails

Also known as Conch, Strombus Conch, True Conch. Found singly, over rubble and sandy areas, of estuaries, lagoons, coral and rocky reefs. These have a scattered distribution and.. more

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