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Our A-Z contains a list of all fish/sea creatures that are stored on the site. All listings are by common names and not scientific names.

Zanzibar Butterflyfish - Butterflyfishes

Also known as Coralfishes, Pavillon. Found singly, pairs or small groups usually around stag horn corals. They feed on live corals. Length - 12cm Depth - 3-40m Widespread Western Indian Ocean Butterflyfishes.. more

Zanzibar Whip Coral Shrimp - Shrimps

Also known as Carid Shrimps, Commensal Shrimps, Coral Shrimp, Sea Whip Coral Shrimp, Sea Whip Shrimp, Whip Coral Partner Shrimp, Whip Shrimp, Wire Coral Shrimp, Zanzibar Shrimp. Found.. more

Zebra Angelfish - Angelfishes

Also known as Lyretail Angel, Lyretail Angelfish, Masked Angelfish, Swallowtail Angelfish, Zebra Lyretail Angel, Zebra Lyretail Angelfish. Found in pairs or small schools over outer reef slopes often.. more

Zebra Cichlid - Cichlids

Also known a Blue Mauna, Lake Malawi Mauna Cichlid, Malawi Blue Cichlid, Malawi Zebra, Red Zebra, Red Zebra African Cichlid, Tilapia Zebra, Zebra Malawi Cichlid, Zebra Mauna... more

Zebra Danio - Carps---Minnows-Carps

Also known as Leopard Danio, Rerio, Striped Danio, Zebra, Zebrafish. Found in schools in slow moving stagnant standing waters over canals, ditches, flooded fields, rice-fields and lower reaches.. more

Zebra Lionfish - Scorpionfishes-Flatheads---Scorpionfishes-Rockfishes

Also known as Butterfly Scorpionfish, Dwarf Lionfish, Dwarf Zebra Lionfish, Fan Dancer, Lionfishes, Many-spotted Butterfly Cod, Turkeyfish, Zebra Dwarf Lionfish, Zebra Firefish, Zebrafish, Zebra Turkeyfish, Zebrafish, Zebra.. more

Zebra Mantis Shrimp - Mantis Shrimps

Also known as Banded Mantis Shrimp, Bumble Bee Mantis Shrimp, Common Banded Mantis Shrimp, Giant Mantis Shrimp, Spearing Mantis Shrimp ,Striped Mantis Shrimp, Zebra Mantis. Found in pairs.. more

Zebra Moray - Eels-Morays---Moray Eels

Also known as Echidna Zebra, Zebra Banded Moray, Zebra Eel. Found singly or in pairs hiding in crevices and holes in debris, rock and rubble over seaward.. more

Zebra Obliqidens - Cichlids

Also known as African Cichlids, Zebra Hap. Found in small harems over shallow vegetated margins of the lake. Length - 11cm Depth - 0-6m Africa - endemic to Lake Kyoga This fish.. more

Zebra Plecostomus - Catfishes---Armored Catfishes

Also known as Imperial Zebra Pleco, Plecostomus, Plecostomus Catfish, Suckerfish, Sucker-mouthed Catfish, Sucking Catfish, Zebra Pleco. Found in deep flowing, oxygenated waters in crevices over rock, sand and.. more

Zebra Seabream - Porgies

Also known as Oman Porgy, Seabream. Found in schools in deep waters over mud and rocky bottoms. They feed on small invertebrates and seaweed. Length - 35cm Depth - 30-300m Widespread Eastern.. more

Zebra Shark - Sharks---Zebra Sharks

Also known as Carpet Sharks, Catshark, Common Carpet Shark, Leopard Shark, Variegated Shark. Found singly or in groups over coral, rubble and sand bottoms of coastal waters. They feed.. more

Zebra Sole - Flatfishes---Soles

Also known as Flatfish, Zebra Sole, Convict Zebra Sole, Banded Sole and Many-banded Sole. Found singly in protected lagoons and seaward reefs on sand and silt bottoms. They feed.. more

Zebra Sole - Flatfishes---American Soles

Also known as Flabby Sole, Naked Sole. Found singly in shallow protected sandy areas of lagoons and seaward reefs, found partially buried in or on the sand... more

Zebra Urchin Crab - Crabs

Also known as Adam's Urchin Crab, Brachyura Crabs, Criniod Crabs, Fire Urchin Crabs, Sea Urchin Crabs, True Crabs, Urchin Crabs, Zebra Crab. Found singly or in pairs living.. more

Zephyra Nudibranch - Sea Slugs

Also known as Dorid Nudibranch, Nudibranchs, West Wind Hypselodoris, Zephyr Hypseldoris, Zephyra Sea Slug. Found singly or in pairs amongst sand and rubble areas of coral and rocky.. more

Zeylan Phyllidiella - Sea Slugs

Also known as Ceylon Phyllidiella, Dorid Nudibranch, Nudibranchs, Warty Sea Slugs, Zeylan Nudibranch, Zeylan Sea Slug, Zeylanica Nudibranch, Zeylanica Sea Slug, Zeylanica Wart Slug. Found singly or in.. more

Zigzag Cowry - Sea Snails

Also known as Cowries, Cypraea Ziczac. Found in shallow water of sandy lagoons under rocks of seaward slopes often in surge zones. They feed nocturnally sponges. Length - 2cm Depth.. more

Zigzag Wrasse - Wrasses

Also known as Brown-banded Wrasse, Rainbowfishes, Sand-reef Wrasses, Zigzag, Zigzag Rainbowfish, Zigzag Rainbow Wrasse, Zigzag Sand Wrasse. Found in singly or in harems over rubble, sand and seagrass.. more

Zigzag Wrasse (Juvenile) - Wrasses

Also known as Brown-banded Wrasse, Rainbowfishes, Sand-reef Wrasses, Zigzag, Zigzag Rainbowfish, Zigzag Rainbow Wrasse, Zigzag Sand Wrasse. Found in singly or in harems over rubble, sand and seagrass.. more

Zoned Dwarfgoby - Gobies

Also known as Dwarf Gobies, Greenbanded Eviota, Gudgeons, Naked-headed Goby, Naked-headed Gudgeon, Naked-headed Pygmygoby, Nebulous Pygmygoby, Pygmy Gobies, Reef Gobies, Zoned Dwarfgoby, Zoned Pygmygoby. Found over.. more

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