Zigzag Cowry (Palmadusta ziczac)

Also known as Cowry, Cypraea Zigzag


Also known as Cowry, Cypraea Zigzag.

Found under rocks and over seaward slopes often in shallow surge zones of sandy lagoons.
They feed nocturnally sponges.
Length - 2cm
Depth - 6-50m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

Cypraeidae have beautiful shells and equally beautiful mantles.
The Cowries are probably the most admired and sought after by shell collectors.
Cowries have few predators, but the mollusc-eating cones like Conus textile and octopus can inject venom into the cowry's flesh through a small hole and then sucks out the contents.
The mantle is like a cloak around the shell, highly muscular and when it contracts it forces water through the tubular siphon to propel itself rapidly through the water. Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palmadusta_ziczac


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