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Alfred Manta - Rays---Stingrays-Devilrays

Also known as Australian Devil Ray, Coastal Manta Ray, Devilfish, Inshore Manta Ray, Manta Ray, Munguna, Prince Alfred's Ray, Reef Manta Ray, Residential Manta Ray. Found singly, or.. more

Atlantic Guitarfish - Rays---Shovelnose Rays-Guitarfishes

Also known as Freckled Guitarfish, Jumping Jack, Shovelnose Guitarfish, Spotted Guitarfish, Sandshark, Wedgefish. Found singly, often partially buried, or resting on mud, sand, and weedy bottoms, close to.. more

Australian Blue-spotted Maskray - Rays---Stingrays

Also known as Blue-spotted Maskray, Bluespot Stingray, Blue-spotted Stingaree, Blue-spotted Stingray, Maskray. Found singly, often resting on sandy bottoms, close to or under ledges and rocks with.. more

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