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Leopard Shark - Sharks---Houndsharks

Also known as Ground Sharks, Leopard Houndshark, Zebra Shark. Found in mixed schools over shallow to intertidal deeper waters on mud and sand areas close to kelp beds.. more

Leopard Torpedo Ray - Rays---Electric Rays

Also known as Leopard Ray, Panther Electric Ray, Red Sea Torpedo Ray, Scalloped Torpedo Ray, Torpedo Ray. Found singly, often partially buried in the substrate, over mud and.. more

Lesser Electric Ray - Rays---Electric Rays-Numbfishes

Also known as Bancroft's Numbfish, Brazillian Electric Ray, Caribbean Electric Ray, Small Electric Ray, Spotted Torpedo Ray, Torpedofish, Trembler. Found during the day, often buried in the sand.. more

Loggerhead Turtle - Turtles---Sea Turtles

Also known as Atlantic Loggerhead Turtle, Caretta Atlantic Loggerhead Turtle, Loggerhead, Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Found in shallow estuaries, coastal reefs and open seas foraging for food. They feed on.. more

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