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Tasselled Wobbegong - Sharks---Carpet-Nurse Sharks

Also known as Bearded Wobbegong, Ogilbys Wobbegong, Wobbegong. Found singly or in shivers, often resting on the bottom, over the continental shelf and off-shore reefs. They feed on benthic.. more

Tawny Nurse Shark - Sharks---Nurse Sharks

Also known as Carpet Shark, Giant Sleepy Shark, Madame X, Rusty Catshark, Rusty Shark, Sleeping Shark, Sleepy Shark, Spitting Shark, Tawny Shark. Found singly or in small schools.. more

Tiger Shark - Sharks---Ground-Requim Sharks

Also known as Leopard Shark, Maneater Shark, Spotted Shark. Found singly near the surface or in very deep waters of estuaries, harbours, jetties, lagoons, reefs and over the.. more

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