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Sand Tiger Shark - Sharks- Mackerel Sharks---Sand Tigers

Also known as Blue Nurse Shark, Blue Nurse Sand Tiger, Dogfish Shark, Grey Nurse, Grey Nurse Shark, Ground Shark, Indian Sand Tiger, Nurse Shark, Ragged-tooth Shark, Sand.. more

Sandbar Shark - Sharks---Requim Sharks

Also known as Brown Shark, Large-finned Shark, Northern Whaler Shark, Queriman Shark, Sand Shark, Thickskin Shark. Found singly in shallow waters of bays, harbours and river mouths, also.. more

Scalloped Hammerhead - Sharks---Hammerhead-Bonnethead-Scoophead Sharks

Also known as Bronze Hammerhead Shark, Kidney-headed Shark, Scalloped Hammerhead Shark, Smooth Hammerhead, Southern Hammerhead, Southern Hammerhead Shark. Found singly or in small to very large schools over.. more

Silky Shark - Sharks---Requim Sharks

Also known as Blackfin Shark, Blackspot Shark, Grey Reef Shark, Grey Whaler Shark, Olive Shark, Reef Shark, Ridgeback Shark, Sickle Shark, Sickle Silk Shark, Sickle Shaped Shark,.. more

Smalltooth Sawfish - Rays-Shovelnose Rays---Sawfishes

Also known as Atlantic Prickly Skate, Carpenter Shark, Comb Shark, Common Sawfish, Dwarf Sawfish, Largetooth Sawfish, Longcomb Sawfish, Smalltooth Common Sawfish, Smoothtooth Sawfish, Wide Sawfish. Found singly or.. more

Snaked-neck Turtle - Turtles---Austro-South American Side-necked Turtles

Also known as Longneck Turtle, Long-necked Freshwater Turtle, Narrow-breasted Snake-necked Turtle, Northern Snake-necked Turtle, Oblong Turtle, Southwestern Long-necked Turtle, Southwestern Snake-necked Turtle, Western Long-necked Turtle. Found in freshwater.. more

Southern Fiddler Ray - Rays---Guitarfishes

Also known as Banjo Ray, Banjo Shark, Black-and-White Fiddler Ray, Dumeril's Shovelnose Ray, Fiddler, Fiddler Ray, Green Skate, Magpie Fiddler, Magpie Fiddler Ray, Magpie Ray, Paritt, Southern.. more

Southern Right Whale - Whales---Baleen Whales

Also known as Baleen Australe, Right Whale, Southern Right Baleen Whale. Found in open waters of oceans across the southern hemisphere. They feed on crustaceans and krill. Length - 1800cm Depth.. more

Southern Stingray - Rays---Stingrays

Also known as Atlantic Stingray, Kit, Southern Ray, Stingaree, Whipray, Whiptail Stingray. Found singly, pairs or in shivers during the day either half buried or resting on shallow.. more

Spotted Eagle Ray - Rays---Stingrays

Also known as Bishop Ray, Bonnet Ray, Bonnet Skate, Duckbill Eagle Ray, Duckbill Ray, Eagle Ray, Lady Ray, Lady-spotted Eagle Ray, Leopard Ray, Mottled Eagle Ray, Ray.. more

Spotted Wobbegong - Sharks---Carpet Sharks-Nurse Sharks

Also known as Common Carpet Shark, Common Catshark, Spotted Wobbegong Shark, Tassel Shark, Wobbegong. Found singly or in schools over shallow intertidal areas down to the continental shelf,.. more

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