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California Hornshark - Sharks---Bullhead-Horn-Port Jackson Sharks

Also known as Black-spotted Horn Shark, Blunthead Shark, Horn Shark. Found singly or in schools, during the day hiding in the shadows and blending in over shallow waters,.. more

Caribbean Sharpnose Shark - Sharks---Ground-Requim Sharks

Also known as Atlantic Sharpnose Shark, Sharpnose Shark, Snook Shark. Found in tropical waters of bays, estuaries and rivers as well as deep offshore waters. They feed on fish,.. more

Common Stingaree - Rays---Stingrays-Round Rays

Also known as Common Stingray, Stingaree, Stingaree Stingray. Found often half buried with just the eyes showing, over sandy bottoms of estuaries, coastal and off-shore reefs. They feed on.. more

Common Stingray - Rays---Stingrays

Also known as Blue Stingray, Bluespot Stingray, Blue-spotted Stingray, Golden Stingray, Pastinaca Ray. Found singly, often resting on mud and sandy bottoms of shallow bays, estuaries and.. more

Cownose Ray - Rays---Stingrays-Cownose Rays

Also known as Cowfish, Cownose Eagle Ray, Cownose Stingray, Cow-nosed Ray, Flapnose Ray, Manta, Manta Ray. Found in fevers, lying on the bottom or above coral reefs, in.. more

Cowtail Stingray - Rays---Stingrays

Also known as Banana-tail Ray, Bennett's Stingray, Cowtail Ray, Drab Stingray, Fantail Ray, Fantail Stingray, Feathertail Stingray, Frill-tailed Stingray. Found singly, often partially buried with just their.. more

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