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Our A-Z contains a list of all fish/sea creatures that are stored on the site. All listings are by common names and not scientific names.

Uaru - Cichlids

Also known as Chocolate Cichild, Poor Man's Discus, Triangle Cichlid, Uaru Cichlid, Waroo Waroo Cichlid. Found in pairs and schools amongst submerged branches and tree roots in clear.. more

Umbrella Shell - Sea Slugs---Umbrella Shells

Also known as Umbraculum mediterranem, Sea Snail, Limpet, Umbrella Slug and Atlantic Umbrella Slug. Found singly or in pairs in rock pools and amongst sand and rubble areas.. more

Undulated Moray Eel - Eels-Morays---Moray Eels

Also known as Common Hawaiian Moray, Common Moray Eel, Leopard Moray, Mottled Moray, Mottled Reef Eel, Undulate Moray, Undulated Moray. Found singly, pairs or with other.. more

Unguiculata Sponge - Sponges

Also known as Marine Sponges and Siliceous Sponges. Found over coral and rocky reefs. They feed on plankton. Varies in colour. Length - ?cm Depth - 8-20m Widespread Indo Pacific Sponges come in.. more

Unicorn Filefish - Puffers-Filefish---Filefishes

Also known as Leatherjackets, Unicorn Leatherjacket, Unicorn Leatherjacket Filefish, Rough Leatherjacket, Triggerfish Durgon, Triggerfish, Yellow-finned Leatherjacket. Found singly, pairs or in small schools under floating debris, shallow water.. more

Upside-down Jellyfish - Jellyfish

Also known as Upside-down Sea Jelly, Sea Jellies, True Jellyfish. Found in shallow waters over mudflats, sandy bottoms and seagrass beds of shallow lagoons and mangroves often.. more

Urchin Clingfish - Clingfishes-Singleslits

Also known as Australian Urchin Clingfish, Longsnout Clingfish, Striped Clingfish, Yellowstripe Clingfish, Yellow-striped Clingfish. Found singly swimming freely in branching corals or in the spines of long-spined sea.. more

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