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Anglerfishes---Frogfishes Ascidians bars Basses---Kelpfishes black black line black-blotches black-line black-outline black-spot black-spots Blennies---Combtooth Blennies Blennies---Triplefin Blennies blue blue-lines brown brown-stripes Cichlids cream cushion Damselfishes Eelpouts-Pricklebacks Emperors-Scavengers False Scorpionfishes flat Flatfishes---Lefteye Flounders Flatfishes---Soles Flying Gurnards freshwater frilly-edge Gobies green Grinners---Lizardfishes Groupers Grunts holes horns Jacks---Pompanos jigsaw juvenile lilac line lines Lobsters---Slipper Lobsters long-snout Mackerels---Ragfish map-lines maroon martians mottled ocellated-spot ocellated-spots Octopuses olive orange Parrotfishes pink Pipefishes-Seahorses Pipefishes-Seahorses---Snipefishes-Shrimpfishes Porgies Puffers-Filefishes---Filefishes Puffers-Filefishes---Porcupinefishes-Burrfishes Puffers-Filefishes---Puffers purple Rays---Electric Rays Rays---Shovelnose Rays-Guitarfishes Rays---Stingrays Rays---Stingrays-American Round Stingrays Rays---Stingrays-Devilrays red Rivulines-Killifishes-Live Bearers saddles Sand Dwellers---Sandperches Scorpionfishes---Flatheads scutes Sea Cucumbers Sea Slugs Sea Stars Sharks---Carpet-Nurse Sharks silver Silversides---Rainbowfishes-Blue Eyes skin-tags Snappers speckled speckles spikes spines spot spots star-eye stripe-tail stripes Sturgeons---Paddlefishes Surgeonfishes-Tangs-Unicornfishes tags tassels teats tentacles Toadfishes Whales---Baleen Whales white white spots white-blotches white-lines white-spots Wrasses yellow yellow-fins yellow-lips
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