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Crabs Algae anemone Angelfishes Anglerfishes---Batfishes Anglerfishes---Frogfishes Armorheads armour arms awesome ball bandit-mask bands bar barbels Barracudas barred bars Basket Stars big-eyes Bivalves black black spot black-bar black-bars black-blotches black-eye-stripe black-fin-spots black-fin-stripes black-fins black-head-spots black-line black-lines black-outline black-patch black-saddle-spot black-spot black-spots black-stripe black-stripes black-tail black-tail-margin black-tail-spot black. Blennies---Combtooth Blennies Blennies---Triplefin Blennies blotch blotches blue blue-eye-ring blue-fin-outline blue-lines blue-outline blue-spots blue-stripes blue-tail blue-tail-spots blue. black blue/green Bony Tongues---Bonytongues Bowfins brain branches brown brown-head brown-spots brown-stripes bumps Butterflyfishes Cardinalfishes Carps---Suckers caterpillar Catfishes---Armored Catfishes Catfishes---Callichthyid Armored Catfishes Catfishes---Eeltail Catfishes Catfishes---Schilbid Catfishes Catfishes---Sea Catfishes Catfishes---Shark Catfishes Catfishes---Squeakers-Upside-down Catfishes Catfishes---Thorny Catfishes Characins Characins---Flannel-mouth Characiforms cheek-bar chevron-stripes Chimaeras---Shortnose Chimaeras-Ratfishes chin-barbel Cichlids circles Cobia Cods---Grenadiers-Rattails Cods-Haddocks cone copper Crabs cream curly cushion Cutlassfishes Damselfishes dart dashes Dolphinfishes Dolphins Dolphins---Oceanic Dolphins Dragonets Drums-Croakers ear-spot Eels---Conger-Garden Eels Eels---Moray Eels Eels---Snake Eels Emperors-Scavengers eye-line eye-spots eye-stalks eye-stripe eye-stripes eyeball False Scorpionfishes feathers filament-fin-tail Filefishes fin-spot fingers flag-fins flag-tail flagfin flagtail flat Flatfishes---Lefteye Flounders Flatworms flowers freshwater frilly-edge Goatfishes Gobies Gobies---Wormfishes gold gold-iris Gouramies green grey-face grey-spots Grinners---Lancetfishes Grunts hairy hatched-lines head-showing Hermit Crabs holes honeycomb horns huge hump-head hunch-back iridescent Jacks-Pompanos Jellyfish jigsaw juvenile knobs large-claw Lates Perch leather legs lettuce lilac lines Lizardfishes Lobsters long-nose long-snout loo-brush Mackerels-Tunas-Bonitos marbled maroon martians mauve Medusafishes mesh mini-volcanos mottled Mullets newspaper nodules ocellated-spot ocellated-spots Octopuses olive orange orange-claws orange-fins orange-mouth orange-spot orange-spots orange-stripe orange-stripes orange-tail Parrotfishes Pearlfishes pimples pink pink-fin-outline Pipefishes-Seahorses Porcupinefishes-Burrfishes Porgies Pricklebacks Puffers Puffers-Filefishes---Boxfishes purple Rabbitfishes Ragfish Rays---Eagle-Manta Rays Rays---Electric Rays Rays---Guitarfishes Rays---Numbfishes Rays---Sawfishes Rays---Stingrays red red-fins red-line red-spot red-stripe red-tail Remoras ribbed ridged ridges rings Rivulines-Killifishes-Live Bearers Rivulines-Killifishes-Live Bearers---Four-eyed Fishes-Onesided Livebearers-White-eye saddle saddles sail sailfin Scale Worms Scorpionfishes-Flatheads---Flatheads Scorpionfishes-Flatheads---Flying Gurnards Scorpionfishes-Flatheads---Lumpfishes Scorpionfishes-Flatheads---Scorpionfishes-Rockfishes Scorpionfishes-Flatheads---Stonefishes Scorpionfishes-Flatheads---Velvetfishes Sea Anemones Sea Basses-Groupers-Fairy Basslets Sea Chubs Sea Cucumbers Sea Slugs Sea Snails Sea Snakes---Venomous Sea Snakes Sea Stars Sea Urchins shaggy Sharks---Bamboo Sharks Sharks---Carpet-Nurse Sharks Sharks---Mackerel Sharks-White Sharks Sharks---Nurse Sharks Sharks---Requim Sharks Sharks---Whale Sharks shell shells shiny Shrimps silver skin-tags Sleepers small-spots-lines Snappers Soft Corals Spadefishes-Batfishes-Scats speckled speckles spikes spikey spines Sponges spot spots square Squirrelfishes-Soldierfishes stalked-flower star starry-eye Stony Corals stripe stripe-tail striped striped-legs stripes sucker Surgeonfishes-Tangs-Unicornfishes table tags tail-spot tail-stripes tail-thread tail-threads Tarpons-Tenpounders---Tarpons tassels teeth Temperate Basses tentacles thread-fins Threadfin Breams-Whiptail Breams Tilefishes Toadfishes toadstool transparent tree Triggerfishes tubercles Turtles---Sea Turtles Turtles---Snake-necked Turtles unicorn-horn upside-down violet violet-spots warts wavy-lines Whales---Baleen Whales white white spots white-blotches white-dashes white-edged-fin white-lips white-mouth white-patch white-spot white-spots white-stripe white-stripes white-tail white-tail-edge white-tail-ring white-tips wings Wolffishes Wrasses Wreckfishes yellow yellow-borders yellow-cheek yellow-eye yellow-fins yellow-lips yellow-patch yellow-spots yellow-stripe yellow-stripes yellow-tail
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