A to Z - Sea Slugs & Sea Snails

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Zephyra Nudibranch - Sea Slugs

Also known as Dorid Nudibranch, Nudibranch, West Wind Hypselodoris, Zephyr Hypseldoris, Zephyra Sea Slug. Found singly or in pairs, amongst rubble and sandy areas, of coral and rocky.. more

Zeylan Phyllidiella - Sea Slugs

Also known as Ceylon Phyllidiella, Dorid Nudibranch, Nudibranch, Warty Sea Slug, Zeylan Nudibranch, Zeylan Sea Slug, Zeylanica Nudibranch, Zeylanica Sea Slug, Zeylanica Wart Slug. Found singly or in.. more

Zigzag Cowry - Sea Snails

Also known as Cowry, Cypraea Zigzag. Found under rocks and over seaward slopes, often in shallow surge zones of sandy lagoons. They feed nocturnally sponges. Length - 2cm Depth -.. more

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