A to Z - Sea Slugs & Sea Snails

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Variable Chelidonura - Sea Slugs---Head Shield Slugs

Also known as Blue Doris, Blue Velvet Headshield Slug, Blue Velvet Sea Slug, Blue Velvet Slug, Blue-lined Sandflat Slug, Blue-lined Slug, Hammerhead Sea Slug, Hammerhead Slug, Tailed.. more

Variable Stomatella - Sea Snails

Also known as Dove Snail, Finger Nail Snail, Mini-Abolone, Paper Shell Snail, Shell-less Snail, Slug Snail, Stomatella Snail, Top Snail. Found amongst rocks and sandy areas, in rock-pools.. more

Variable Volute - Sea Snails

Also known as Bat Volute, Bat Volute Sea Shell, Bat Volute Shell, Brown Volutidae, Cone Shell, Philippine Bat Volute, Volute, Volute Shell. Found in silty waters, over mud.. more

Varicose Phyllidia - Sea Slugs

Also known as Dorid Nudibranch, Fried Egg Nudibranch, Fried Egg Sea Slug, Nudibranch, Scrambled Egg Nudibranch, Scrambled Egg Sea Slug, Swollen Phyllidia, Varicose Nudibranch, Varicose Sea Slug,.. more

Verruca Cowrie - Sea Snails

Also known as Allied Cowy, Common Calpurnus, Egg Cowry, False Cowry, Little Egg Cowry, Soft Coral Snail, Umbilical Cowry, Umbilical Egg Shell, Umbilical Ovula, Warted Egg Cowry,.. more

Violet Pteraeolidia - Sea Slugs

Also known as Aeolid Nudibranch, Aeolus, Blue Dragon, Blue Dragon Nudibranch, Blue Dragon Sea Slug, Blue Serpent Pteraeolidia, Dragon Nudibranch, Nudibranch, Solar-powered Sea Slug, Violet Sea Slug. Found.. more

Vomer Conch - Sea Snails

Also known as Conch, Strombus Conch, True Conch. Found singly, over rubble and sandy areas, of estuaries, lagoons, coral and rocky reefs. These have a scattered distribution and.. more

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