A to Z - Sea Slugs & Sea Snails

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Filamentose Spindle Shell - Sea Snails

Also known as Filamentous Horse Conch, Horse Conch, Spindle Shell, Tulip Shell. Found during the day, in shallow waters, beneath dead coral slabs, emerging to feed at.. more

Flamingo Tongue - Sea Snails

Also known as Allied Cowry, Cowry Allies, Flamingo Tongue Cowrie, Flamingo Tongue Snail. Found living with their host, on the under side of Gorgonian branches, where they browse.. more

Forskal's Pleurobranch - Sea Slugs---Sidegill Slugs

Also known as Forskal's Nudibranch, Notoaspidean Sea Slug, Nudibranch, Pleurobranch Sea Slug, Side-gilled Sea Slug. Found singly or in pairs, in shallow waters, of lagoons, pools, seagrass beds,.. more

Funeral Jorunna - Sea Slugs

Also known as Black-and-White Jorunna, Dotted Nudibranch, Friesian Cow Sea Slug, Funebris Sea Slug, Funeral Nudibranch, Funeral Pyre Nudibranch, Funeral Sea Slug, Leopard Sea Slug, Mourning Nudibranch,.. more

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