A to Z - Sea Stars & Sea Cucumbers & Sea Urchins

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White Sea Urchin - Sea Urchins

Also known as Edible Urchin, Hairy Sea Urchin, Pincushion Hairy Urchin, Pincushion Urchin, Sea Egg, Shortspine Sea Urchin, West Indian Sea Egg. Found singly or in groups amongst.. more

White-rumped Sea Cucumber - Sea Cucumbers

Also known as Blotchy Sea Cucumber, Stonefish Sea Cucumber, Tripang, White-bottomed Sea Cucumber, White Patch Sea Cucumber. Found singly during the day under large coral and rubble on.. more

White-spotted Sea Cucumber - Sea Cucumbers

Also known as Hawaiian Sea Cucumber, Holothuroid, Speckled Sea Cucumber, Surf Redfish, Tripang. Found singly on living corals and surrounding rubble areas of reefs. They feed on plankton. Length -.. more

Whorl-spined Urchin - Sea Urchins

Also known as Crown Urchin, Crown Sea Urchin, Knobby Sputnik Sea Urchin, Land Mine Sea Urchin, Large-spined Urchin, Mine Urchin, Spiky Urchin, Spiny Urchin, Thorn-spined Sea Urchin,.. more

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