A to Z - Sea Stars & Sea Cucumbers & Sea Urchins

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Red Urchin - Sea Urchins

Also known as Bluespot Sea Urchin, Blue-spotted Sea Urchin, Blue-spotted Urchin, Iridescent Sea Urchin, False Fire Urchin, Fire Urchin, Hatpin Urchin, Longspine Urchin, Long-spined Sea Urchin, Radiant.. more

Red-knobbed Sea Star - Sea Stars

Also known as African Red Knob Sea Star, African Red Knob Starfish, Horned Sea Star, Horned Starfish, Red Know Sea Star, Red Knob Starfish, Red-knobbed Starfish, Redspine.. more

Reticulated Sea Biscuit - Sea Urchins

Also know as Biscuit Urchin, Cake Urchin, Cushion Sea Star, Heart Urchin, Irregular Urchin, Sand Dollar, Sea Biscuit. Found singly or in vast numbers partially buried over sandy.. more

Ringed Basket Star - Basket Stars

Also known as - No other name Found during the day coiled around gorgonians, sponges or in dark recesses of the reef. At night they spread their arms to.. more

Rock-boring Urchin - Sea Urchins

Also known as Burrowing Urchin, Red Rock Urchin, Stone Urchin, Tropical Sea Urchin. Found in shallow waters burrowed into coral, limestone, under rock slabs and in seagrass beds.. more

Rock-boring Urchin - Sea Urchins

Also known as Burrowing Urchin, Burrowing Sea Urchin, Hedgehog Sea Urchin, Mathaei Sea Urchin, Matha's Sea Urchin, Pale Rock-boring Urchin, Reef Boring Sea Hedgehog, Tropical Sea Urchin. Found.. more

Royal Sea Cucumber - Sea Cucumbers

Also known as Amberfish, Amberfish Sea Cucumber, Black Teatfish, Blackfish, Brown Sandfish, Chief Sea Cucumber, Curryfish, Elephant Trunk Cucumber, Giant Sea Cucumber, Lollyfish, Tripang, White-teat Sea Cucumber. Found.. more

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