A to Z - Sea Stars & Sea Cucumbers & Sea Urchins

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Necklace Sea Star - Sea Stars

Also known as Asteroids, Candy-striped Sea Star, Fromia Sea Star, Ingioiellata Star of Sea, Maldives Starfish, Marble Sea Star, Marble Starfish, Necklace Starfish, Orange Marble Sea Star,.. more

Needle-spined Sea Urchin - Sea Urchins

Also known as Boring Urchin, Boring Sea Urchin, Burrowing Sea Urchin, Burrowing Urchin, Needle-Spined Urchin, Red Needle Pin Urchin, Reef Boring Sea-hedgehog, Rock-boring Sea Urchin. Found singly or.. more

Needle-spines Sea Urchin - Sea urchins

Also known as Red Urchin, Tropical Sea Urchin, White-tipped Sea Urchin. Found in hollows of corals and rocks over tidal flats of intertidal coastal zones. They feed on algae.. more

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