A to Z - Marine, flat & Segmented Worms

You are now viewing the A-Z restricted to only Marine Worms - Flat Worms & Segmented Worms

Glorious Flatworm - Marine Worms---Flatworms

Also known as Elegant Flatworm, Fuchsia Flatworm, Polyclad Flatworm, Polyclad Worm, Wavy Flatworm. Found singly or in pairs, amongst rubble and sandy areas, of coral and rocky reefs... more

Green Spoon Worm - Marine Worms---Spoon Worms

Also known as Echiuran Worm, Green Bonellia, Tongue Worm. Found burrowing amongst rocks and gravel, over hard bottoms. Females can extend their tongue up to two metres to.. more

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