A to Z - Marine, flat & Segmented Worms

You are now viewing the A-Z restricted to only Marine Worms - Flat Worms & Segmented Worms

Peacock Bristleworm - Marine Worms---Bristle Worms

Also known as Fire Worm, Golden Bristleworm, Golden Fireworm, Peacock Fireworm, Rock Worm, Sea Caterpillar, Sea Mice, Segmented Seaworm, Segmented Worm. Found amongst rubble and sandy areas, of.. more

Peacock Feather Duster - Marine Worms---Feather Duster Worms

Also known as European Fanworm, Fan Worm, Feather Duster, Feather Tube Worm, Marine Polychaete Worm, Mediterranean Fanworm, Pencil Worm, Rock Worm, Segmented Sea Worm, Spirograph Worm, Tubeworm. Found.. more

Persian Carpet Flatworm - Marine Worms---Flatworms

Also known as Bedford's Flatworm, Elegant Flatworm, Leaf Worm, Polyclad Flatworm, Polyclad Worm. Found singly or in pairs, in shallow waters, amongst coral and rubble, on ledges of.. more

Prudhoe's Flatworm - Marine Worms---Flatworms

Also known as Polyclad Flatworm, Polyclad Worm, Wavy Flatworm. Found singly, amongst rubble and sandy areas of coral and rocky reefs. They feed on ascidians. Length - 5cm Depth - 2-20m Widespread.. more

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