A to Z - Bivalves-Clams, Oysters & Scallops Molluscs

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Honeycomb Oyster - Bivalves

Also known as Cockscomb Oyster, Foam Oyster, Giant Coxcomb Oyster, Giant Honeycomb Oyster, Honeycomb's Oyster, Razor Oyster, Rock Oyster, Saltwater Oyster, True Oyster, Wrinkled Oyster, Zigzag Oyster. Found.. more

Hooded Oyster - Bivalves

Also known as Bombay Oyster, Common Rock Oyster, Curly Oyster, Hooded Rock Oyster, Milky Oyster, Molluscs, Natal Rock Oyster, Rock Oyster, Sydney Rock Oyster. Found in dense colonies.. more

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