A to Z - Bivalves-Clams, Oysters & Scallops Molluscs

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Comb Penshell - Bivalves

Also known as Fan Shell, Horse Mussel, Korean Common Penshell, Oyster, Pacific Penshell, Pen Shell, Scaly Penshell, Smaller Pen Shell. Found on mud and sandy substrates with.. more

Common Pearl Oyster - Bivalves

Also known as Black Pearl Oyster, Blacklip Oyster, Blacklip Pearl Oyster, Blacklip Pearl Shell, Black-lipped Oyster, Black-lipped Pearl Oyster, Mollusc, Oyster, Pacific Pearl Oyster, Pearl Oyster, Pen.. more

Coral Scallop - Bivalves

Also known as Bioeroding Scallop, Boring Bivalve, Boring Pectinid Bivalve, Coral Clam, Coral-boring Scallop, Iridescent Clam, Iridescent Scallop, Mollusc, Pectinid Bivalve, Pectinid Scallop, Scallop. These fragile shells with.. more

Crocus Giant Clam - Bivalves

Also known as Boring Clam, Boring Giant Clam, Burrowing Clam, Clam, Crocea Clam, Crocus Clam, Dwarf Giant Clam, Giant Clam, Saffron-coloured Clam, Salt Water Clam. Found growing in.. more

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