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Algae Amphipods Ascidians Asiatic Glassfishes bands barbels bars beady-eyes bell black black-blotches black-fin-spot black-lines black-spot black-spots black-stripe black-stripes black-tail-ring blackline Blennies---Combtooth Blennies Blennies---Pike-Tube-Flagblennies Blennies---Triplefin Blennies blotches blue blue-eyes blue-head blue-lines brown brown-bands brown-spot Cardinalfishes Carps---Brook Loaches Carps---Danios Carps---Minnows-Carps Catfishes---Armored Catfishes Catfishes---Callichthyid Armored Catfishes Catfishes---North American Freshwater Catfishes Catfishes---Sheatfishes chain Characins---Characins-Tetras circle Comb Jellies Crayfish cream cups curly Cusk Eels---Pearlfishes dashes eggs eye-stalks flourescent freshwater frilly Gobies gold gold-stripe green grey iridescent jelly Jellyfish juvenile large-claw larvae leaves line lines Oceanic Basses---Sweepers olive orange orange-fins orange-spots orange-stripe pink pink-eye Pipefishes-Seahorses---Snipefishes-Shrimpfishes Puffers-Filefishes---Boxfishes purple purple-legs rainbow red red-claws red-eye red-fins red-lines red-spots red-stripe ring Rivulines-Killifishes-Live Bearers Scorpionfishes---Rockfishes Sea Anemones Sea Slugs Sea Slugs---Sapsucking Slugs Shrimps silver Silversides speckled speckles spikes spot spots Squat Lobsters squid eggs squid mass Squids stalks stripe stripes tail-spot tentacles tube tubes Tunicates urn warts white white-bars white-dashes white-fin-tips white-lines white-spots white-stripe white-stripes Wrasses yellow yellow-fins yellow-stripe yellow-tail-spot
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