A to Z - Sponges, Algae & Moss Animals

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Thorny stem sponge - Sponges

Also known as Marine Sponge, Pacific Sponge, Siliceous Sponge, Tropical Marine Sponge. Found between corals and rocks of coral and rocky reefs. They feed on plankton. Length - ?cm Depth -.. more

Toxic Finger Sponge - Sponges

Also known as Coral Reef Sponge, Indian Sponge, Marine Sponge, Red Sea Sponge, Red Volcano Sponge, Siliceous Sponge. Found between and under corals and rocks of shallow coral.. more

Tropidozoum cellariiforme - Moss Animals

Also known as Sea Mat, Zooids. Found on drop-offs and walls of reef margins, over coral and rocky reefs. A bushy plant, with the branches evenly split into.. more

Tube Sponge - Sponges

Also known as Blue Sponge, Branching Vase Sponge, Marine Sponge, Siliceous Sponge, Tubular Sponge. Found attached to the substrate, over ledges and walls, of coral and rocky reefs... more

Tube Sponge - Sponges

Also known as Large Tube Sponge, Marine Sponge, Pink Tube Sponge, Siliceous Sponge. Found attached to dead corals and rocks over reef slopes of coral and rocky reefs. They.. more

Turtle Weed - Algae

Also known as Green Algae, Marine Algae, Sea Grass. Found in clumps, over shallow waters, on slopes, terraces, and reef tops, of coral and rocky reefs. Looks like.. more

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