A to Z - Sponges, Algae & Moss Animals

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Red Berry Sponge - Sponges

Also known as Finger Sponge, Marine Sponge, Siliceous Sponge. Found on walls with good current flow. Thick and lobe encrusted, varies in colour from shades of yellow to.. more

Red Dragon's Tongue - Algae

Also known as Flat Galaxaura, Red Algae, Red Seaweed, Seaweed. Found on mangrove roots and rocks over shallow reef flats and in tide-pools. Usually a uniform pinkish red.. more

Rough Scallop Sponge - Sponges

Also known as Demosponge, Encrusting Sponge, Mushroom Sponge, Scallop Sponge, Siliceous Sponge, Soft Green Sponge. Found on the substrate, as well as growing on free swimming scallop shells,.. more

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