A to Z - Crustacean

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Red Claw Cuapetes Shrimp - Shrimps

Also known as Carid Shrimp, Commensal Shrimp, Invisible Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp, Glass Shrimp, Long-arm Shrimp, Red-scissor Commensal Shrimp, Thin-arm Shrimp, Thin-armed Shrimp, Transparent Commensal Shrimp. Found in colonies.. more

Red Hermit Crab - Crabs---Hermit Crabs

Also known as Shell-breaking Reef Hermit Crab, Spotted Hermit Crab, Whitespot Hermit, White-spotted Hermit, White-spotted Hermit Crab, White Point Hermit Crab. Found both day and night over rubble,.. more

Red Reef Hermit - Crabs---Hermit Crabs

Also known as Left-handed Hermit Crab, Redleg Hermit Crab, Red-legged Hermit, Red Reef Hermit Crab, Scarlet Hermit Crab, Scarlet Leg Hermit, Scarlet Leg Hermit Crab, Scarlet Reef.. more

Red Rock Crab - Crabs---Marsh Crabs

Also known as Mangrove Crab, Red Mangrove Crab, Red-clawed Mangrove Crab, Rock Crab, Spider Crab. Found over mud and sand areas of high shore mangrove floors. They feed on.. more

Red Spot Cleaner Shrimp - Shrimps

Also known as Carid Shrimp, Caridean Shrimp, Cleaner Shrimp, Red Spot Anemone Shrimp, Rock Shrimp. Found regularly in colonies at cleaning stations waiting for customers over coral and.. more

Red-Spotted Guard Crab - Crabs

Also known as Brachyura Crab, Commensal Crab, Coral Crab, Guard Crab, Red-spotted Coral Crab, Swimmer Crab, Tiger Coral Crab, True Crab. Found singly or in pairs living between.. more

Redeye Sponge Crab - Crabs---Sponge Crabs

Also known as True Crab. Found with a sponge cap on their heads that they have cut and shaped to fit, usually stationary during the day under their.. more

Redspot Sponge Crab - Crabs---Sponge Crabs

Also known as Redspot Crab, Sponge Crab, True Crab. Found sheltering in the tops of sea anemones sponges and tunicates over shallow water reefs. They feed on dead animals.. more

Rough Box Crab - Crabs---Box Crabs

Also known as Cancer Gallus, Crusty Box Crab, Knobby Box Crab, Lumpy Box Crab, Poki Poki, Shame-faced Crab, Warty Box Crab, Yellow Box Crab. Found over silty mud,.. more

Ruggie Land Hermit Crab - Crabs---Hermit Crabs

Also known as Crying Land Hermit Crab, Land Hermit Crab, Rug Hermit Crab, Ruga Hermit Crab, Ruggie Hermit, Spot-handed Hermit Land Crab, Tawny Hermit Crab, Terrestrial Hermit.. more

Rust-spotted Guard Crab - Crabs---Coral Crabs

Also known as Commensal Crabs, Guard Crabs, Red-spotted Guard Crab, Trapezia Crab, True Crab. Found living between the finger-like branches of Acropora/Pocillopora corals over coral and rocky reefs. They.. more

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