A to Z - Corals & Corallimorph

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Giant Black Coral Whip - Black Corals

Also known as Black Coral Sea Whip, Black Wire Coral, Coiled Coral, Deepwater Wire Coral, Spiral Coral, Spiral Sea Whip, Spiral Whip Coral, Spiral Wire Coral, Whip.. more

Giant Slit-pore Sea Rod - Gorgonians

Also known as Black Sea Rod, Giant Split-pore Sea Rod, Gorgonian Sea Rod, Nodding Sea Rod, Octocoral, Sea Rod, Sea Whip, Slit-pore Sea Rod, Split-pore Sea Rod,.. more

Goldenstem Soft Coral - Soft Corals

Also known as Fuzzy Carrot Coral, Stalactite Coral. Found singly or in colonies (but attached singularly) inside caves and under ledges attached to rock hanging down over coral.. more

Graceful Coral - Stony Corals

Also known as Cup Corals, Dainty Cup Coral, Graceful Cup Coral, Gracile Cup Coral, Flower Corals, Stony Cup Coral. Found in caves, beneath ledges, overhangs and in caves.. more

Granular Coral - Stony Corals

Also known as Branching Coral, Bushy Finger Coral, Finger Staghorn Coral, Granular Table Coral, Granulosa Coral, Staghorn Coral, Tubular Table Coral. Found in colonies over reef slopes.. more

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