A to Z - Corals & Corallimorph

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Elegance Coral - Stony Corals

Also known as Elegant Coral, Ridged Coral, Wonder Coral. Found seated on sandy areas over exposed surge areas of reefs. Colour usually green with a stripy look and.. more

Elephant Ear Coral - Soft Corals

Also known as Fleshy Soft Coral, Gray-green Soft Coral, Green Toadstool Coral, Leather Coral, Leather Toadstool, Mushroom Coral, Mushroom Leather Coral, Rough Leather Coral, Ruffled Leather Coral,.. more

Encrusting Gorgonian - Soft Corals

Also known as Brown Encrusting Soft Coral, Caribbean Octocoral, Encrusting Polyp, Octocoral, Scleraxonia, Gorgonian, Sea Mat. Found in colonies forming encrusting mats over coral and rocky bottoms of.. more

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