Whitebar Gregory (Stegastes albifasciatus)

Also known as Farmer Damsel, White-banded Gregory


Also known as Farmer Damsel, White-banded Gregory.

Found singly or in loose schools, over live corals, rock, and rubble areas, in both semi-sheltered and high energy zones, of reef flats, reef margins, and shallow lagoons, rich in algae growth. Territorial.
They feed on filamentous algae.
Length - 13cm
Depth - 0-4m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

Damselfish are egg layers.
First they clear a site ready for a nest, then engage in a mating dance with rapid swimming and fin movements, during this time the males will often turn a shade or two darker and may display white blotches. Spawning occurs at dawn. Ref: https://www.fishbase.se/summary/4340


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