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Algae Anglerfishes---Frogfishes antennae Ascidians bandit-mask bar bars Basses---Hawkfishes Basses---Sunfishes Bivalves black black-bar black-beak black-blotches black-chin-line black-face black-fin-spot black-fin-tip black-fin-tips black-speckles black-spot black-spots black-stripe black-stripes Blennies---Combtooth Blennies Blennies---Triplefin Blennies blotch blotches blue-bar blue-blotch blue-head blue-lines blue-speckles blue-spots blue-stripes blue-tail brain bristles brown brown-spot brown-stripe brown-stripes bug-eyes bumpy Cales-Weed Whitings candy-cane Carps---Danios Carps---Minnows-Carps cheek-bar Christmas-tree-lights Cichlids cirri clam coral Corallimorphs Cornetfishes Crabs cream cushion Damselfishes dark-head dart-tail Dragonets ear-spot eye-stripe feathers feet filament-fin filament-fins fingers flag-tail flowers fluted freshwater Fusiliers Gobies gold gold-iris green-line grey Groupers hairy hatched-lines head-hump honeycomb horns horseshoe hump-head iridescent Jacks---Dolphinfishes Jacks---Pompanos jigsaw juvenile knobs legs lettuce lilac line lines Lobsters---Spiny Lobsters long-nose lumps Mantis Shrimps marbled Marine Worms---Bristle Worms Marine Worms---Spoon Worms Marine Worms---Tube Worms mauve maze Moonfish mottled mushroom Needlefishes---Halfbeaks ocellated-spot ocellated-spots olive orange orange-fins orange-spots Parrotfishes patch patches pink pink-patch pink-tail Pipefishes-Seahorses psychedelic Puffers-Filefishes---Boxfishes Puffers-Filefishes---Deepwater Boxfishes Puffers-Filefishes---Filefishes Puffers-Filefishes---Puffers Puffers-Filefishes---Triggerfishes purple Rabbitfishes red red-beak red-fin-tips red-fins red-fins-stripe red-lines red-stripes red-tail rings Rivulines-Killifishes-Live Bearers Rivulines-Killifishes-Live Bearers---Topminnows-Killifishes saddles sail-fin salmon Sea Anemones Sea Slug---Sea Hares Sea Slugs Sea Stars shaggy Shrimps silver Silversides Silversides---Neotropical Silversides Silversides---Rainbowfishes-Blue Eyes Snappers Soft Corals speckles spikes spines spot spots Squids star star-eye Stony Corals streaks string stripe stripe-tail striped-legs stripes Surgeonfishes-Tangs-Unicornfishes swordtail tail-pattern tan tentacles Threadfin Breams-Whiptail Breams transparent Trumpetfishes urn vase violet warts warty wavy-lines white white-band white-patches white-spots white-stripe white-stripes white-tail wings Wrasses y-shaped yellow yellow-cheek yellow-fins yellow-head yellow-spot yellow-spots yellow-stripe yellow-stripes yellow-tail
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