Yellowfin Soapfish (Diploprion drachi)

Also known as Soapfish, Yellowfin Soapfish, Yellowface Soapfish.


Also known as Red Sea Soapfish, Soapfish, Yellowface Soapfish.

Found singly or in pairs, hiding during the day in crevices, emerging at night hunting for food, often hiding alongside larger fish so they can ambush their prey, over steep coral rich slopes of coral reefs.
They feed on benthic crustaceans and fish.
Length - 14cm
Depth - 1-10m
Western Indian Ocean - Gulf of Aden, Red Sea

Soapfish are nocturnal hunters, some are seen in the open during the day and others are more shy and stay under cover of the reef.
Juveniles mimic venomous blennies.
They have a soapy toxin in their skin that releases when stressed to deter predators. Ref:


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