White Seabream (Juvenile) (Diplodus sargus)

Also known as Blacktail, Blacktail Seabream, Sargo, Seabream


Also known as Blacktail, Blacktail Seabream, Sargo, Seabream.

Found singly or in small schools, over rock and sandy areas of intertidal surf zones, mouths of estuaries and in rock-pools.
They feed on crustaceans and benthic invertebrates.
Juveniles found in seagrass beds.
Length - 45cm
Depth - 1-50m
Widespread Eastern Atlantic, Black Sea, Mediterranean

Porgies are found in tropical as well as cooler waters, and are bottom-dwelling carnivores. Most species possess grinding, molar-like teeth, for eating crustaceans. Ref: https://www.fishbase.de/summary/1753

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Heads up! Many creatures change during their life. Juvenile fish become adults and some change shape or their colour. Some species change sex and others just get older. The following creature(s) are known relatives of the White Seabream (Juvenile). Click the image(s) to explore further or hover over to get a better view!

White Seabream

White Seabream

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