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bandit-mask bar barbels bars Basslets black black-eye-stripe black-fin black-fin-stripes black-fin-tips black-line black-lines black-saddle-spot black-speckles black-stripe black-stripes Blennies---Labrisomids blotch blotches blotchy blue blue-lines blue-spots blue-stripes blue-tail Bowfins brown brown-stripes Butterflyfishes Cardinalfishes Carps---Minnows-Carps Catfishes---Armored Catfishes Characins cheek-bar Cichlids cream Damselfishes Drums-Croakers Emperors-Scavengers eye-bar eye-stripe face-stripe False Trevallies filament-fins fin-stripes flag-fin flag-tail freshwater Goatfishes Gobies gold Gouramies green grey Grunters-Tigerperches Grunts Hawkfishes Herrings---Herrings-Shads-Sardines-Menhadens iridescent Jacks-Pompanos Jawfishes juvenile lilac lines long-nose mauve Mojarras mottled ocellated-spot olive orange orange-fin-edges orange-fins Parrotfishes pink pink-belly-stripe pink-fins Porgies Puffers-Filefish---Filefishes Puffers-Filefishes---Puffers purple Rabbitfishes red red-fin-edges red-fins sail-fin Sandperches Sawbellies---Squirrelfishes-Soldierfishes Scorpionfishes-Flatheads---Scorpionfishes-Rockfishes Sea Basses-Groupers-Fairy Basslets silver Sleepers Snappers speckled speckles spot spots Squirrelfishes-Soldierfishes Stargazers stripe stripes Surgeonfishes-Tangs-Unicornfishes Sweepers tail-spot tail-stripes tan thread-fin Threadfin Breams-Whiptail Breams Threadfins transparent triangle white white-bar white-bars white-eye-bars white-fin-tips white-lines white-spot white-spots white-stripes white-tail white-tail-tip Wormfishes Wrasses yellow yellow-eye yellow-fins yellow-lines yellow-nose yellow-spot yellow-stripe yellow-stripes yellow-tail yellowtail
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