Stareyed Stonefish (Leptosynanceia asteroblepa)

Also known as Mangrove Stonefish


Also known as Mangrove Stonefish.

Found singly or in family groups, either partially buried or under rocks with just their spines and fins showing, over rubble and sandy bottoms of coral and rocky reefs. Extremely well camouflaged.
They feed on small fish and swimming invertebrates.
Length - 23cm
Depth - 1-30m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

Stonefish are masters of camouflage looking and lying like stones and rocks waiting for their prey. Predators of the stone fish are Sharks and Rays.
This is the most venomous fish in the world. It has thirteen stout spines in the Dorsal Fin which can inject a highly toxic venom if trodden on etc., most victims are reef walkers with flimsy shoes or no shoes.
However if the area around them is disturbed they will swim away.
Highly dangerous have been known to cause death!! Ref:


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