Ocean Triggerfish (Canthidermis sufflamen)

Also known as Filefish, Ocean Tally, Turbot


Also known as Filefish, Ocean Tally, Turbot.

Found singly or in small schools, in weedy areas, over drop-offs of seaward reefs.
They feed on large zooplankton.
Length - 65cm
Depth - 5-60m
Widespread Eastern Atlantic, Western Atlantic, Caribbean

Indian Triggerfish dig their shelters under solid objects by swimming sand away. This is done by putting their mouth against a solid object and swim like crazy, thereby creating a current that takes the sand away and making a little nest area.

Triggerfish have a hard spine Dorsal Fin that can be locked.
When sleeping this spine is used to wedge them into place in a crevasse and so deter predators from pulling them out of their bed!
The spine is also held erect as a warning to other fish to stay away.
Several large Titans blow shallow depressions in the sand for nesting and if approached will raise this spine as a warning, if ignored they may charge, even divers! especially the Titan Triggerfish who will take a tasty bite!! Beware!!! Ref: https://www.fishbase.se/summary/4279


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