Butterfly Perch (Caesioperca lepidoptera)

Also known as Butterfly Sea Perch, Red Perch


Also known as Butterfly Sea Perch, Red Perch.

Found in large schools over exposed areas of reef with strong tidal movement, often in deep waters.
They feed on zooplankton.
Length - 30cm
Depth - 10-140m
Widespread Eastern Indian Ocean, South West Pacific

Serennid are brightly coloured. They are all carnivores although some feed on zooplankton most feed on fish and crustaceans. Food is drawn into their mouths by a powerful suction when they open their overly large mouths and then swallowed whole.
Spawning is seasonal and controlled by the moons phase. Ref: https://www.fishbase.se/summary/Caesioperca-lepidoptera.html


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