Atlantic Batfish (Dibranchus atlanticus)

Also known as Deep-sea Batfish, Handfish, Seabat, Walking Batfish


Also known as Deepsea Batfish, Handfish, Seabat, Walking Batfish.

Found singly resting on the bottom or partially covered in mud or sand close to reef edges in both shallow and very deep waters.
They feed on invertebrates, bivalve molluscs, sea spiders, brittle stars, starfish and worms.
Length - 39cm
Depth - 45-1300m
Widespread Western Atlantic, Caribbean

These batfishes with their depressed circular/triangular bodies are poor swimmers and have adapted for a life style of crawling about on the sea floor using their pelvic fins and arm like Pectoral fins. They have a small lure on their snout to attract their prey, the lure becomes shorter with age. Ref:


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