Tiger Grouper

Scientific Name:

Mycteroperca tigris


Groupers (Serranidae)

Other names:

Sea Bass, Rockcods, Cods, Hinds, Trouts.

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Also known as Sea Bass, Rockcods, Cods, Hinds and Trouts.

Found singly resting on the bottom on reefs and reef walls.
They feed on small fish and invertebrates.
Length - 1m
Depth - 3-20m
Widespread Western Atlantic & Caribbean

Groupers are solitary carnivores that hunt near the bottom usually at dusk. Food is drawn into their mouths by a powerful suction when they open their overly large mouths and then swallowed whole.
Spawning is seasonal and controlled by the moons phase.

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Fishy Stats

Length: 1m
Depth: 3-20m
Found: Western Atlantic & Caribbean
Eats: Fish and invertebrates
Family: Groupers
Species: Serranidae

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