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Crabs Algae Anemonefishes Anthias armour arms Ascidians barber-pole bars beady-eyes beard berries big-eyes Bigeyes Bivalves black Black Corals black-bar black-blotch black-eye-stripe black-face black-fin-spots black-fin-stripes black-fin-tips black-head black-line-fin black-spot black-spots black-stripe black-stripes black-tail black-tips black/white-fin-tips Blennies blotch blotches blue blue-eyes blue-fin-edges blue-outline blue-stripe blue/green Bonytongues brain branches bristles brown brown-patches brown-spots bubbles bug-eyes bumpy burgundy bush Butterflyfishes candy Cardinalfishes Carps & Minnows Characins check Chitons Chubs Cichlids cirri clam Clingfish Comb Jellies Coral Crabs Cornetfishes Crabs cream curly cushion Cuttlefishes daddy-long-legs Damselfishes Dartfishes Devilfishes Dottybacks Dragonets electric Emperors eye-bar eye-ring eye-stalks eye-stripe eyelash eyes fan Feather Stars feathers fern filament-fins Fileclams Filefishes fin-spots finger fingers flag-fin flag-tail flagfin flaps flat Flatheads Flatworms flourescent flower flowers freshwater frilly frilly-edge frilly-fins fringe Frogfishes Fusiliers geometric Ghostpipefishes Goatfishes Gobies gold Gouramies gray green green mottled gren grey Groupers Gunnels hairy Hawkfishes head-showing head-stripes Hermit Crabs holes horns hump-back hunch-back inflated-sack iridescent jelly juvenile knobs lacy lacy-fins large-claw lavender leaf leopard lightening lilac lines Lionfishes Lizardfishes Lobsters long long-legs long-nose long-snout loo-brush Lumpfishes Mantis Shrimps Marine Worms maroon marron mauve mesh Morwongs mottled nodules nose-stripe occelated spots ocellated-spot Octopuses orange orange-fin-edges orange-fins orange-stripes outlined-circles oyster Parrotfishes patches patterned pink Pipefishes polyps Porgies Prowfish puple purple pustules Ragfishes Rainbowfishes and Blue Eyes red-fin red-fin-edges red-fins red-lips red-spot red-spots red-stripe red-stripes reticulated pattern ridged Rivulines, Killifishes and Live Bearers Rockfishes, Rockcods and Thornyheads rubbish saddles sailfin Sand Divers Sandperches scallops Scaly Blennies Scorpionfishes Sculpins Sea Anemones Sea Bass Sea Basses Sea Basses, Groupers, Fairy Basslets Sea Cucumbers Sea Fans Sea Robins Sea Slugs Sea Snails Sea stars Sea Urchins Seahorses seaweed shell shells Shrimps silver silver-strips skin-flaps skin-tags Snailfishes Snappers Snipefish Soft Corals speckled spikes spines Sponges spot spots square Squids Squirrelfishes & Soldierfishes star stars stone Stonefishes Stony Corals stripe stripe-tail striped stripes sunburst swallow-tail tail-pattern tassels teats tentacles Thorny Oysters thread-fin thread-fins Threadfins transparent Triplefins tubercles ugly Umbrella Shells urn variegated vase Velifers, Ribbonfish, Tube-eyes violet warts warty whip white white spots white-blotches white-fin-lines white-fin-tips white-lines white-patch white-patches white-rings white-scribbles white-spots white-stripe white-stripes white-tail wing wings Wrasses Wrymouths yellow yellow-eye yellow-legs yellow-spots yellow-tail yellow-tripe
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