Banded Sole

Scientific Name:

Soleichthys heterorhinos


Soles (Soleidae)

Other names:

Flatfish, Black-tip Sole, Blue-edged Sole, Tongue-fish, Aesop Sole, Tiger Sole, Flatfish Sole.

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Also known as Flatfish, Black-tip Sole, Blue-edged Sole, Tongue-fish, Aesop Sole, Tiger Sole and Flatfish Sole.

Found singly in shallow protected sandy areas of lagoons and seaward reefs, found partially buried in or on the sand. This highly compressed fish buries itself beneath the sand, exposing only its eye and tubular nostril. Moves extremely fast when disturbed and is difficult to detect when it resettles.
More active at night.
They feed on small fish, invertebrates and worms.
Length - 15cm
Depth - 5-25m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

Flatfish, Soles and Flounders are placed in their families by location of their eyes. Their are both left eye and right eye dominant families.
Flatfish bury themselves in sand to hide from predators and use their eyes as periscopes as these can rotate 180 degrees.
During pelagic larval stage these fish are not flat but become so as they grow, their bodies flatten, and one eye migrates across the head next to the other eye.

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Fishy Stats

Length: 15cm
Depth: 5-25m
Found: Indo-Pacific
Eats: Fish, invertebrates and worms
Family: Soles
Species: Soleidae

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