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Crabs American Soles anemone Anemonefishes Angelfishes Anthias Armored Catfishes arms Ascidians banana bandit-mask bands barbels barber-pole Barracudas barred bars Batfishes Bichirs big-eyes Bigeyes Birchirs Bivalves black black-blotches black-edge black-eye-stripe black-fin-tips black-line black-saddle-spot black-spot black-spots black-stripes black-tail-spot black-tail-tips Blennies blotches blue blue-eye-stripe blue-eyes blue-fins blue-outline blue-spots blue-spots-lines blue-stripes blue-tail blue/green Boarfishes Boxfishes bristles brown brown-bars brown-spots bubblewrap burgundy Butterflyfishes candy-cane Cardinalfishes carpet Carps & Minnows Catfish Catfishes Characins check chevron-stripes Chubs Cichlids Clingfish Coral Breams Cornetfishes Crabs cream Cuttlefishes Damselfishes dark-red dart-tail dashes Devilfishes Diamondfishes Dottybacks Dragonets Drums & Croakers Eel-tailed Catfishes Eels Emperors eye-line eye-spots eye-stalks eye-stripe eye-stripes eyelash False Scorpionfish Feather Stars feathers filament-fins Filefishes fin-spot fin-spots fingers flag-fins flag-tail flagfin flagtail flat Flatheads Flatworms floating flower fried-eggs frilly frilly-edge furry Fusiliers Goatfishes Gobies gold Gouramies gray green green mottled green-eye green-tail gren grey grey-tail Groupers Grunters gut hairy Hawkfishes head-showing head-spike Headstanders Hermit Crabs honeycomb horns hump-head iridescent Jacks Jacks & Pompanos Jawfishes jigsaw juvenile Killifishes knobs lacy-fins large-claw lavender leaf lines Lionfishes Lizardfishes Lobsters long long-nose long-snout loo-brush marbled Marine Worms maroon mating maze Mojarras Moorish idol Morwongs mosaic mottled mouth-barbels Mullets needles newspaper nodules ocellated-spot ocellated-spots Octopuses Old Wifes olive orange orange-head orange-out-line orange-spot ornge oyster Parrotfishes patches patterned Pearl Perch Pikes & Mudminnows pink pink-fins pipe Pipefishes polyps Porcupinefishes Porgies Pricklebacks psychedelic Pufferfishes Pupfishes puppy-face purple purple-edge Rabbitfishes Rainbowfishes red red-fins red-head-spots red-lips ribbon ridges ring River Loaches saddles sailfin salmon Sand Divers Sandperches Scaly Blennies Scats Scorpionfishes scribbles Sculpins Sea Anemones Sea Cucumbers Sea Robins Sea Slugs Sea Snails Sea Snakes Sea Stars Sea Urchins Sharks shell shells Shrimps silver skin-flaps skin-tags sliver Snappers Snipefish Soapfishes Soles speckled speckles spikes spines spot spot-tail spots Squids Squirrelfishes & Soldierfishes star Stargazers starry-eye Stony Corals stripe Sunfishes Surgeonfishes Sweetlips tags tail-spot tail-stripe tail-threads tails tan tassels tentacles thread-fins Threadfins Toadfishes toby translucent transparent triangle Triggerfishes Triplefins Tripodfishes trnsparent Trumpetfishes Tunas and Mackerels ugly unicorn-horn urn vase Velifers, Ribbonfish, Tube-eyes warts Waspfishes wavy-lines white white-belly white-spot white-spots white-stripe White-stripes wings wings? Wrasses yellow yellow-eye yellow-fins yellow-head yellow-legs yellow-lips yellow-nose yellow-spots yellow-stripes yellow-tail zebra
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