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albino Archerfishes Arowanas bandit-mask bands barbels Barracudas barred bars big-eyes Bigeyes or Catalufas black black-bar black-blotch black-blotches black-eye-stripe black-faceband black-fin black-fin-spot black-fin-spots black-fin-stripes black-fin-tip black-fin-tips black-fins black-line black-line-fin black-margins black-saddle-spot black-speckles black-spot black-spots black-stripe black-stripes black-tail black-tail-margin black-tail-spot black-tail-tips black-tips black/white-fin-tips blackline Blennies-Combtooth Blennies blotch blotches blue blue-eye-stripe blue-face blue-nose-stripe blue-spots blue-stripe blue-tail blue/green brown brown-bars brown-spots brown-stripe brown-stripes brown-tail Cardinalfishes Catfishes Characins Characins-African Tetras Characins-Flannel-mouth characiforms chin-barbel Cichlids Cods & Haddocks copper Cornetfishes cream Cutlassfishes Damselfishes diamond Diamondfishes Dories Driftfishes Drums & Croakers Emperors eye-stripe filament-fin-tail filament-fins fin-spots flag-fins flag-tail Flagtails flat freshwater Fusiliers Gars Goatfishes Gobies gold gold-spots gold-stripe gold-stripes Gouramies Grammicolepidids gray gray-spots green Grenadiers & Rattails grey grey-tail Groupers Grunters Grunts Halfbeaks Herrings, Shads, Sardines and Menhadens Herrings, Shads, Sardines, Menhadens iridescent Jacks Jacks & Pompanos juvenile Lancetfishes lines Loaches long-nose long-snout Louvar Mackerels-Tuna-Bonitos Madagascar Rainbowfishes maroon maze Milkfishes Minnows & Carps Mojarras Molas mottled mouth-barbels Mullets needle Needlefishes ocellated-spot olive orange orange-face orange-fin-edges orange-fins orange-mouth orange-spots orange-stripe orange-stripes orange-tail Parrotfishes patches Pearl Perch Pearlfishes Perch pink Pomfrets Porgies Pufferfishes purple Rabbitfishes Rainbowfishes and Blue Eyes red red-ear red-fin red-fin-edges red-fin-tips red-fins red-head-marks red-spot red-spots red-stripe ribbon Rivulines, Killifishes and Live Bearers sailfin Salmon & Trouts Sand Lances Scats Sea Chubs Sharks Sicklefishes Silversides Slimys, Slipmouths and Ponyfishes Smelt-whitings Snappers Snipefish Snooks Spadefishes, Batfishes and Scats speckled speckles spot spots Squids Squirrelfishes & Soldierfishes srtripes streak stripe stripe-tail striped-tail-fin stripes Sunfishes Sweepers Sweeps Sweetlips tail-pattern tail-spot tail-stripes Tarpons Temperate Basses thread-fins threadfin Threadfin Breams & Whiptail Breams Threadfins Threadfins Breams, Whiptail Breams translucent transparent triangle Tunas and Mackerels Velifers, Ribbonfish, Tube-eyes Velifers, Ribbonfish, Tube-eyes wavy-lines wavy-stripes white white-fin-tips white-spot white-spots white-tips Wrasses Wreckfishes yellow yellow-eye yellow-fins yellow-head yellow-lines yellow-spots yellow-stripe yellow-stripes yellow-tail
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