Warty Bobtail Squid (Rossia palpebrosa)

Also known as Bobtail Squid, Pygmy Squid, Rossie Squid


Also known as Bobtail Squid, Pygmy Squid, Rossie Squid.

Found buried in the sand, on muck bottoms with just their eyes showing, in bays and fiords of the oceans, often at great depths. These squid have a glue gland on their backs, so they can cover themselves in sand for camouflage. There is also a light organ in their bellies, that hosts bioluminescent bacteria which produces the iridescent colours.
They feed nocturnally on small crustaceans, fish and smaller squid.
Length - 4.5cm
Depth - 10-550m
Widespread Atlantic Ocean

Some of the smallest squids, they can change colour when predators come near. Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rossia_palpebrosa


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