Snake Blenny (Xiphasia setifer)

Also known as Eel Blenny, Hairtail Blenny, Hair-tailed Blenny, Hairtail Snake Blenny, Snake Eel Blenny


Also known as Eel Blenny, Hairtail Blenny, Hairtail Snake Blenny, Hair-tailed Blenny, Snake Eel Blenny.

Found singly, during the day over mud and sand bottoms, often with their heads showing from the tube holes of their burrows, feeding out in the open at night close to the shelter of their burrows. This blenny has huge fangs either side of its jaw.
They feed nocturnally on crustaceans, invertebrates and worms.
Length - 53cm
Depth - 2-1100m
Widespread Indo-West Pacific

Combtooth Blennies are the largest of blennies, found in both tropical and subtropical waters and freshwater habitats, as the name suggests they have comb like teeth lining their jaws. Ref:


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