Small Red Scorpionfish (Scorpaena notata)

Also known as Red Scorpionfish, Small Rockfish


Also known as Red Scorpionfish, Small Rockfish.

Found singly, well camouflaged over rocky, coastal shorelines and in much deeper waters. Often pales or darkens to match surroundings.
They feed on crustaceans and small fish.
Length - 26cm
Depth - 5-700m
Widespread Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean

Scorpionfish are masters of camouflage, enabling them to lie in wait for their victims to come close, before lunging forward and inhaling their prey with their large mouths.
When disturbed they raise the spines along their backs and will usually move off out of harms way, however, if cornered they are able to charge at considerable speed.
Highly dangerous and poisonous with venomous spines along its back if trodden on etc. Ref:


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