Saddled Shrimpgoby (Cryptocentrus leucostictus)

Also known as Saddled Prawngoby, White-spotted Shrimpgoby


Also known as Saddled Prawngoby, White-spotted Shrimpgoby.

Found singly or in pairs sharing their burrow with their host the alpheid shrimp on coarse rubble and sandy bottoms over reef flats of clear water lagoons and protected reefs.
They feed on benthic invertebrates.
Length - 7.5cm
Depth - 2-25m
Widespread Western Pacific

Shrimp Gobies live a symbiotic relationship with snapping shrimps.
The Gobies stand guard while the shrimps play "housekeeper" to their burrow, continually digging and cleaning the sand. The Gobies will signal when predators are near. Ref:


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