Russell's Coral (Favites russelli)

Also known as Brain Coral, Larger Star Coral, Sinuous Coral


Also known as Brain Coral, Larger Star Coral, Sinuous Coral.

Found over rubble areas on coral and rocky reefs.
Colour mottled brown with green oral discs.
They feed on plankton.
Length - 10cm
Depth - 0-40m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

Stony corals have hard stony skeletons, their polyps have six tentacles or are made up of multiples of six. These are usually nocturnal, however if the sky's are overcast, then many will feed during the day.
Generally the more robust corals life on exposed areas, while the smaller corals live in sheltered lagoons or deeper waters.
Stony corals are reef building corals and embedded in their flesh are thousands of minute single-celled marine plants called zooxanthellae which accounts for their colour.
These corals support a huge diversity of life, their main predator being the crown-of-thorns sea star. (edit) Ref:


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