Reticulated Leatherjacket (Juvenile) (Stephanolepis diaspros)

Also known as Leatherjacket


Also known as Leatherjacket.

Found singly, or in pairs, over vegetated rock, and rubble bottoms, of coastal reefs.
They feed on small invertebrates.
Length - 25cm
Depth - 20-50m
Widespread Mediterranean, Western Indian Ocean

Filefish can alter their colour and pattern to match their surrounds and so deter predators.
Although closely related to the Triggerfish, their "trigger spine" cannot be locked into place. Ref:

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Heads up! Many creatures change during their life. Juvenile fish become adults and some change shape or their colour. Some species change sex and others just get older. The following creature(s) are known relatives of the Reticulated Leatherjacket (Juvenile). Click the image(s) to explore further or hover over to get a better view!

Reticulated Leatherjacket

Reticulated Leatherjacket

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