Reeds Pineconefish (Juvenile) (Monocentris reedi)

Also known as Pineapplefish, Pinecone, Sawbelly Fish


Also known as Pineapplefish, Pinecone, Sawbelly Fish.

Found in schools, during the day close to the shore, in caves and under ledges, dispersing at night hunting for food, over sandy bottoms, of rocky reefs.
They feed nocturnally on crustaceans and zooplankton, which they attract with their internal light organ, that gives them a glow effect.
Juveniles found in shallow waters.
Length - 9.9cm
Depth - 0-250m
Widespread Southeast Pacific, Caribbean

Pineconefishes have large hard armoured scales which resemble a pinecone. Near the tip of their jaws they have a small rectangular light organ, powered by luminescent symbiotic bacteria, at night this produces a cold blue/green light which may be used to locate food or for communication. Ref:


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