Pinjalo Snapper (Pinjalo pinjalo)

Also known as Fusilier, Pinjalo, Whitespot Pinjalo Snapper


Also known as Fusilier, Pinjalo, Whitespot Pinjalo Snapper.

Found in schools, over rocky bottoms of coastal reefs and open ocean reefs, in shallow to very deep waters. Colour varies can deepen and change to red.
They feed on small fish, but more often on benthic and planktonic invertebrates
Length - 80cm
Depth - 15-100m
Widespread Indo-West Pacific

Most Snappers live in moderate depths, however there are a few that live much deeper. Juveniles found on inshore reefs.
They are nocturnal predators that mainly feed on fish, but will eat crustaceans, gastropods and cephalopods.
Some smaller family members eat zooplankton. Ref:


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