Northern Stargazer (Astroscopus guttatus)

Also known as Popeye Fish, Pop-eyed Fish, Tube-nosed Stargazer


Also known as Popeye Fish, Pop-eyed Fish, Tube-nosed Stargazer.

Found singly sometimes partially buried with just the head and eyes showing wiggling their lure to attract their prey over rubble, sand and silty bottoms of coastal waters and lagoons.
They feed on benthic fish and invertebrates.
Length - 59cm
Depth - 2-36m
Widespread Western Atlantic

The name stargazer comes from the fact the eyes are positioned on top of their heads! They are usually found buried in the sand with just their heads showing waiting to ambush their unsuspecting prey as they swim passed!
Stargazer possess electric organs located in a specialized pouch behind the eyes and can discharge up to 50 volts, depending on the temperature of the water at the time! Ref:


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